D.W. STORAGE TANKavailable capacity 100 ltrs to 10000 ltrs. MOC SS 316/316L. Direct heater, strip heater or steam jacketed/coil. Provided digital temperature controller/indicator. Circulation pump for uniform temperature. Automatic level controller

Automatic Ointment / Cream Mfg. PlantCapacity from 5 ltrs to 50 ltrs.MOC SS 316/316L.Online homogenizer / microniser.Hydraulic lid lifting for mfg. vessel.Bottom/Top homogenizer.Fully/Semi automatic operation.Dual anchor agitator with fix anch

Automatic Ointment/Cream Mfg. PlantCapacity from 50 kgs to 5000 kgs. MOC SS 316/316L.Online homogenizer/microniser. Hydraulic lid lifting for mfg. vessel. Dual anchor agitator with fix anchor. Bottom/top homogenizer. PLC base fully automatic plant

RAPID MIXER GRANULATORModels available form 3 L to 1200 L working capacity.Fully automatic operation based on PLC control.Better productivity & lesser mixing time.Contact part are SS 316 / 316 L.Less handling. More hygienic.

MANUALLY OPERATED CAPSULE FILLING MACHINE (CFM)Available sizes: 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5Output : Upto 7, 200 capsules.Model available in 100 holes also.Output can enhance by using automatic capsule loader.

PILOT / SINGLE VESSEL OINTMENT / CREAM MFG. VESSELCapacity form 25 kg to 300 kgs.MOC SS 316 / 316 L.Hydraulic lid lifting for mfg vessel.Bottom / top Homogenizer.Fully /semi automatic operation.Dual anchor agitator operation.Contra agitator a

AUTO CAOTERUniform & smooth coating without damaging the tablets. High quality machines with new technology. Minimum batch time & power consumption. Inbuilt WIP system. Intelligent process control by PLC and touch screen HMI. Automatic tablet unload

FLUID BED PROCESSORBetter productivity in lesser time. Twin bag chamber system can be provided for continuous operation. Blow bag filter arrangement (Cartridge Filter) arrangement also available. Vacuum charging and discharge parts available. single

FLUID BED DRYERVery versatile process equipment. Fully automatic operation based on PLC control. Minimum handling and more hygienic. Top mounted telescopic cylinder for auto bag shaking. clamp type bottom mesh for container. Capacity apailable from

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